A short exercise in politics

I have a short political exercise, mostly for my generation, but if you're not a Gen-Y person, feel free to play along if you want to.

First, consider the candidate you support and give three reasons, with supporting evidence, as to why you support that candidate. You cannot use any reasoning that is 1) a statement simply that they aren't the other candidate, 2) is an ad-hominem attack, 3) a 30-second soundbite from a PAC or party, or 4) a statement either already proven false or is outside the powers of the presidency.

Now for the more difficult part. Take 30 minutes and stop talking. If you are a Clinton supporter, listen to what a Trump supporter has to say about why they support Mr. Trump. If you are a Trump supporter, then listen to what a Clinton supporter has to say about why they support Mrs. Clinton. Don't speak, don't interrupt, just listen carefully and critically. When you've heard them speak, take a moment to reflect on their point of view, think about their reasoning, then practice a bit of empathy and take a few moments to try to understand why they believe that.

I'll help you out here, if you listened to a Trump supporter and say racism, xenophobia, or any other %phobia as the first answer, then you failed. If you listened to a Clinton supporter and say it's because she promises free stuff, or because she's a woman, or because she's not Trump, you failed. Look deeper than that. We are, after all, supposed to be the most educated generation to come along, so let's use those skills, mmm'kay? Remember back to English 101, when we had to read novels and then write about how all that the stuff on the surface is a misdirection, and are only useful as a way to get into the deeper meanings? (This isn't a new concept, unless you really thought Romeo and Juliet was just a love story).

Can you do that? Do you know why you are choosing to vote why you are? Do you even know what your candidate has said and what they are going to do? If you can't come up with these, then you have a lot of work to do before the election.


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