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A short exercise in politics

I have a short political exercise, mostly for my generation, but if you're not a Gen-Y person, feel free to play along if you want to.

First, consider the candidate you support and give three reasons, with supporting evidence, as to why you support that candidate. You cannot use any reasoning that is 1) a statement simply that they aren't the other candidate, 2) is an ad-hominem attack, 3) a 30-second soundbite from a PAC or party, or 4) a statement either already proven false or is outside the powers of the presidency.

Now for the more difficult part. Take 30 minutes and stop talking. If you are a Clinton supporter, listen to what a Trump supporter has to say about why they support Mr. Trump. If you are a Trump supporter, then listen to what a Clinton supporter has to say about why they support Mrs. Clinton. Don't speak, don't interrupt, just listen carefully and critically. When you've heard them speak, take a moment to reflect on their point of view, think about…

Observations by an older millennial to younger millennials.

I've been reading a lot on facebook, twitter, and other news sites about some of the issues that people of my generation are having (I was born in 1980, right at what many sociologists claim is the very beginning of the "millennial" generation) and I've come to a few realizations:

1) We have reached the point that we expect everything right now, we expect we will get our way.
2) We have rejected the idea that opposing views will make us uncomfortable and will expose us to ideas that we disagree with intensely and this is a good thing.
3) We see things very differently than the previous generations, but seem to expect them to automatically accept our generation's viewpoints instead of discussing and working out our differences.
4) We have lost our resiliency when faced with hardships or hard work.
5) We are capable of immense creativity, but seem to demand everyone else value that creativity as much as we do.
6) We demand equality but only so long as it doesn'…