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Slow Cooker Potato Soup

So one of the things that represents a skill that we seem to be losing is the ability to cook economical, healthy foods. I know all the excuses, like “I don’t have time” “It costs too much” “It doesn’t taste as good”, and I have only one thing to say to that one: Bull!
One of your best friends in this case is a slow cooker, or what almost everyone around here calls a crock pot regardless of brand. These things are amazing and really take away the first excuse that you don’t have time. They are the set and forget appliance of the kitchen. Add your ingredients, turn it on, and after a day’s work, you have a hot, home cooked meal just waiting. What’s even better, you have one thing to clean at the end, and even then, therearesomeitems on the market that will keep you from even doing that. Disclaimer: I’ve only ever used the Reynold’s brand liners, and really only recommend them if you’re doing something super sticky and messy.
Tonight, I made a potato soup in my slow cooker, which took m…