Well, this is a rather stupid idea

Ok, so I sat down to put a different background image on my new netbook because I’m really tired of the really bad looking blue background with the stupid blue widows logo. I found the image I wanted to use, right clicked, and found that there’s not a set as background option. Ok, no problem, went into the settings for the desktop, and there’s not a choice there either. Hmm. Time to look deeper (Google is your friend) and managed to get to the Microsoft Answers website. “This is by design.” Windows 7 Starter was designed for low-powered machines, so they decided to block that “feature” until you buy the higher package. Ummmm, WTF,O? My 1Ghz, 2Gb RAM netbook isn’t powerful enough to handle a different bloody background image? This is making the decision to dump anything produced by Microsoft become an easier choice to make every time I try to do something I used to be able to do anytime I wanted. Right now, in fact, Ubuntu Netbook Remix is downloading on the desktop and USB drive is waiting to get the ISO file so I can test and then maybe blow away this bloated, crippled, POS-OS.


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