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Finally have things kind'a working

Ok, as you could probably tell from the last post, I was getting a little frustrated by the Windows 7 Starter Edition (should be Windows 7 We'll-Crap-All-Over-Everything-You-Were-Used-To Edition) and was debating about what to do. Well, I got the Ubuntu Netbook Remix installed, it's running, and I'm even posting this little note using the new BloGTK 2.0 from said netbook. I'm actually pretty happy with it so far. I do need to get all of the different hotkeys working again (especially the one to disable the touchpad) but that will come as I get everything up and running like I want. The best part so far, I HAVE MY OWN BACKGROUND on my desktop. Too bad, too. The netbook was poised to be the only windows-based machine I had. Now, the XBox is it. Too bad, really.

Well, this is a rather stupid idea

Ok, so I sat down to put a different background image on my new netbook because I’m really tired of the really bad looking blue background with the stupid blue widows logo. I found the image I wanted to use, right clicked, and found that there’s not a set as background option. Ok, no problem, went into the settings for the desktop, and there’s not a choice there either. Hmm. Time to look deeper (Google is your friend) and managed to get to the Microsoft Answers website. “This is by design.” Windows 7 Starter was designed for low-powered machines, so they decided to block that “feature” until you buy the higher package. Ummmm, WTF,O? My 1Ghz, 2Gb RAM netbook isn’t powerful enough to handle a different bloody background image? This is making the decision to dump anything produced by Microsoft become an easier choice to make every time I try to do something I used to be able to do anytime I wanted. Right now, in fact, Ubuntu Netbook Remix is downloading on the desktop and USB drive is wa…