Oh, just time for another post.

Ok, so I went to the Farmer's Market this past weekend, and I made a tremendous discovery: I really like cheese. Ok, ok, I know some people are thinking "why did you just decide this, instead of some other time?". Let me explain, the stuff they sell for a dollar a pack at the local Ingles is not cheese. Read the package, it's processed cheese food. Now, what I discovered is something that fits right in with my love of all things local, and that is a true cheese made by the wonderful people at Goat Lady Dairy. Yes, that's right, it's made from Goat's milk, and it's truly wonderful stuff. I had been looking at all the strawberries (the local selection of Sweet Charlie's and Chandler's were great) and walked by the table where they had set up and had some sample varieties of their spreadable cheese out. I like an adventure, so I grabbed a couple chips and set to testing the wares. The first one, made with orange marmalade challenged everything I had thought about cheese up to that point. It had a delicate flavor from the cheese that I can't describe, mixed with a subtle sweetness which just melted into the flavor of the oranges. I sat there, thinking, and looking at all the list of what all they had: garlic and herb, dill and chive, orange, jalapeno. I ended up walking away with the orange and dill and chives this time.

I also managed to pick up some more plants, veggies for the garden at mom and dad's, and some for me. I now have rosemary to add to the herb garden (joining the mint, thyme, tarragon, lavender, basil, oregano, and parsley that I had before) as well as a neat flower that I've never tried to grow before, Trailing Double Petunia (link not mine, nor are the photos on it). With all this, plus what I've got planned to go in the ground tomorrow at the parent's, it looks like we'll have plenty of a few varieties of vegetables and herbs if nothing else. I'll try to post updates as the "crops" grow and begin to come in.


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