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New rules for the new year

After the first of the year, I just had to update my profiles on facebook and myspace, here's what I added. See what you think:
Basic rules:

I HAVE A JOB NOW!!! Of course, this means a couple
important things:
Between the hours of 0800 and 1700 (0400 and 1300 GMT), I am at work and as such, cannot drop what I'm doing to answer your phone calls on my cell
phone. Don't even think about calling me on the office line, unless you can say what you need to in 30 seconds or less. (There go half of you already.)
The company work for is paying me, not you, so they get my attention
first. (If you think you can do better, make me an offer, but good luck all the same, I really like my job.)
I deal with computer problems all day, so if you have one as well either try 1-800-624-9896, 1-800-369-1409, or 1-888-476-6972. If you ask me, I hope you know a little about computers or you might or might not get the answer that you want to hear about how to fix them. (There's a wonder file recover…