Looking at new apartments

Ok, so I've started looking around at a new place to live, and I think I may have found the place that I want to go to. They have some really nice places, one of which, I can't believe the price on when you look at what other places are charging for a similar place. I've got an appointment to go have a look at the complex, see what all they offer, get a feel for it, you know, typical pre-moving stuff. I'm looking forward to it as it's the first real chance I'll have to have my own place and start making that nice move in the world on my own. MY OWN PLACE. You have no idea how nice that is to say. Over the coming months and all, as I get time, and as I get more and more to write about, I'm hoping to finally get this blog thing working like I had originally wanted to. We'll see how that all goes, since we've all seen how my past history at blogging has been. LOL


Marta said…
Thanks for writing this.

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