Finally in the apartment

Ok, so the first few days in the apartment have been great. I'm loving my new apartment, loving the fact that I've got a lot more freedom than I did before, and also loving the free paper being delivered every morning. I did have three small maintenance issues, but amazingly, I put in the request Monday morning through the web site, at lunch, someone from the office called to tell me they had gotten them, and then Tuesday, about 10AM, someone was there and had all three fixed within an hour. That's just great service. The one down-side, Tuesday, I had to clean my bathroom up again, since I managed to catch a 24 hour stomach bug that decided to hit at 3AM. Good thing, it woke me up, bad thing, vomiting makes me feel like total hell, so I burned a day off from work to get over that. Not the best thing, but overall, not too bad either. Here at work, it's like a Friday, since we have Thursday and Friday off from work. The place seems dead, and every client I've called back seems to have taken today off as well. Oh well, more to do on Monday. Some call it work, I call it job security.

While I've got the long weekend, I figure I'll take the camera out to the park and take a couple pictures so I'll have more to add to the collection on the walls at the apartment. I've got one set up now, some I took at Western Carolina University, and they are just amazing in the frame. They came out so much better than I thought they would. I'll have to add more when I get the chance, but for now, I guess I'll get back to work.

List Update:

Dining Table Dining Chairs Couch
End Tables (2) Sofa style table Entertainment center
book case placemats silverware
dishes cookware Floor lamp
Recliner night lights dish towels
Dish soap sponges glass cleaner
Shower curtain window curtains Bedding
trash cans (2) trash bags kitchen knives
TV DVD Player Weather Radio
Tray Tables Duct Tape WD-40
Screwdrivers Picture Frames Picture Hanging Stuff
Command Strips Hooks Toaster
Microwave Bath towels Bookshelf
Cutting Board mixing bowls Hand Mixer
Vacuum Toothbrush holder  


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