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Microsoft turns Santa into a dirty old man.

I just added Santa to my buddy list on MSN messenger ([email protected]) and let me tell you, Microsoft has issues. Either the AI Bot that they built has lost it's silicon mind, or they believe Santa is really a perverted old man. Here's my "talk" with him.View your entire conversation history with this contact
Matt says (1:17 PM):
-   Santa   - says (1:17 PM):
Hello there, Matt!
Matt says (1:18 PM):
how do you know my name?
-   Santa   - says (1:18 PM):
It's not "how?" you should ask. It's "why?"
Matt says (1:18 PM):
Ok, why do you know my name?
-   Santa   - says (1:18 PM):
It's stronger than me, but there's no specific reason why.
Matt says (1:18 PM):
That made no sense. Are you loosing your mind?
-   Santa   - says (1:18 PM):
Hmm... What do you want for Christmas, Matt?
Matt says (1:18 PM):
going deaf as well, eh?
-   Santa   - says (1:18 PM): My stars, lots of boys a…

Finally in the apartment

Ok, so the first few days in the apartment have been great. I'm loving my new apartment, loving the fact that I've got a lot more freedom than I did before, and also loving the free paper being delivered every morning. I did have three small maintenance issues, but amazingly, I put in the request Monday morning through the web site, at lunch, someone from the office called to tell me they had gotten them, and then Tuesday, about 10AM, someone was there and had all three fixed within an hour. That's just great service. The one down-side, Tuesday, I had to clean my bathroom up again, since I managed to catch a 24 hour stomach bug that decided to hit at 3AM. Good thing, it woke me up, bad thing, vomiting makes me feel like total hell, so I burned a day off from work to get over that. Not the best thing, but overall, not too bad either. Here at work, it's like a Friday, since we have Thursday and Friday off from work. The place seems dead, and every client I've called …

Looks like it finally happened.

I found this one originally in an article from the Winston-Salem Journal, then went to the WCU site to make sure, but there it was: Cullowhee, N.C. - The following is a statement released today by Western Carolina Director of Athletics, Chip Smith, regarding WCU head football coach, Kent Briggs: "Western Carolina University head football coach Kent Briggs will be relieved of coaching responsibilities and assigned to another university position following WCU's football game with Furman University on Saturday, November 17. I will begin a national search for a new head football coach immediately. I informed Coach Briggs, the assistant coaches, the Catamount football players and the University's executive administration of this action today. The specific reassignment is under discussion and will be announced soon. This has been a hard decision to make. Kent is a hard worker and he and his family are respected members of the university community. This has been a difficult and …

Move in day is getting closer, Pt. 2

Ok, Time to update the list again:Dining TableDining ChairsCouchEnd Tables (2)Sofa style tableEntertainment centerbook caseplacematssilverwaredishescookwareFloor lampReclinernight lightsdish towelsDish soapspongesglass cleanerShower curtainwindow curtainsBeddingtrash cans (2)trash bagskitchen knivesTVDVD PlayerWeather RadioTray TablesDuct TapeWD-40ScrewdriversPicture FramesPicture Hanging StuffCommand StripsHooksToasterMicrowaveBath towelsBookshelfCutting Boardmixing bowlsHand MixerVacuumToothbrush holderMore to come as I think about it, or as I get it.

Mobile Blogging

Well, this should make for some interesting new ideas. I just managed to get the mobile blogging thing configured and linked in to this blog. We'll see how well it works out and all now.

Looking at new apartments

Ok, so I've started looking around at a new place to live, and I think I may have found the place that I want to go to. They have some really nice places, one of which, I can't believe the price on when you look at what other places are charging for a similar place. I've got an appointment to go have a look at the complex, see what all they offer, get a feel for it, you know, typical pre-moving stuff. I'm looking forward to it as it's the first real chance I'll have to have my own place and start making that nice move in the world on my own. MY OWN PLACE. You have no idea how nice that is to say. Over the coming months and all, as I get time, and as I get more and more to write about, I'm hoping to finally get this blog thing working like I had originally wanted to. We'll see how that all goes, since we've all seen how my past history at blogging has been. LOL

Things to do tonight

Ok, so tonight, I've gotta make a simple compass course for the scouts tonight to be used as one of their activities. Problem is, and this is one of those things I really didn't look at when I developed the course, is when I set it up in the field, what direction is north? I built the thing assuming (yes, I know what that causes) that straight ahead would be north. We'll see if I can reform it in just fifteen minutes tonight when I get there. This should be interesting.

Wow. Wal-mart blew up

It's so wonderful to see that things are still going so well back "home" in the deep mountains of North Carolina. When I first heard about this, it was from a friend who had seen something about Wal-Mart in Sylva on the news. He thought that the place had been leveled by a propane tank that blew up and hurt everyone inside. Well, this wasn't the case, it was just a couple or three of those 1 pound Coleman™ camp stove tanks. Makes a big difference in what you can do with 2 or 3 pounds of propane versus 40 or 60 ounds of propane. Guys, just check all the facts of a story adn report those, don't make any assumptions about things only to have to retract them when people panic.

Oh ye hairy flipping gods...

AMD gives itself Web 2.0rhea The Register

What in the name of are you there God its me Margret were they thinking? I thought we had finally gotten to the point that this Web2.0 "stuff" had hit critical mass and would be going away, or at least not growing.